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Content You Will Need for Your Tourism Website

Various items of content will be needed to be provided by you to enable the construction of your website. This content includes copy (text) for all pages, photos and images, tour and/or property information, contact details, social media accounts and anything else that is to be included in your website. Branding A copy of your […]

Using Social Media for Customer Service

People want an immediate and accurate response to their enquiries and social media channels like Facebook excel at providing a simple and rapid method of communication.

Using Psychology to Make Your Prices Seem Great Value

Psychology influences whether people consider prices to be high or low and use can use simple techniques to subconsciously make your prices seem great value.

How to Get Your Guests to Write Reviews for Your Lodge

If you can get more guests to write a review you will see you lodge jump up the TripAdvisor listings. Here's a few tips on how to get more reviews.

10 Website Improvements That Will Get You More Safari Bookings

These ten website improvements can turn your website into a sales machine and get you extra bookings. Even small improvements can make a big difference.

Picking the Right Email Marketing Team to Generate Bookings

Email is an important part of any marketing strategy and, as your safari operation grows, it’s important to get serious and pick an email marketing team that will really generate bookings for your business.

Three Barriers to Website Booking Conversion

Many safari operator websites put up barriers, frustrating prospective clients, stopping them from making a booking.

New Automated Invoice System

Intergise has implemented a new automated invoicing system so we can spend more time supporting you rather than on administration.

Relax With Our New Website Support

To provide you with even better website support for your safari websites we've added new features to our website support packages including enhanced security, performance monitoring and reporting.

3 Tips to Get Your Safari Lodge to Rank Higher on TripAdvisor

3 tips to get your safari lodge to rank higher on TripAdvisor. These simple tactics can help you get more and better reviews from your guests.

5 Bad Writing Habits You Need to Cut From Your Safari Descriptions

Bad writing habits can creep into your safari and tour descriptions so you won’t get the bookings. Stop making these 5 safari tour copywriting errors.

Disconnect Facebook From Twitter for More Impact

Auto-sharing between your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter is a dangerous short cut that lowers the impact of your social media marketing.