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Content You Will Need for Your Tourism Website

Various items of content will be needed to be provided by you to enable the construction of your website.

This content includes copy (text) for all pages, photos and images, tour and/or property information, contact details, social media accounts and anything else that is to be included in your website.


A copy of your logo will be required. The background of the logo should be transparent so that it can blend into the design. The ideal file format for the logo is png.

The website will often designed to reflect your corporate colour scheme unless you have another preference. This can be picked out from your logo if that reflects your colour scheme otherwise your preferred scheme will need to be provided.

If you have a tagline for your business you should provide that also.

Photos & Images

Good quality images are a critical component of a successful website and will directly impact its visual appeal. You will need a good selection of images to showcase your operation, destinations and tours/activities.

You will need at least one image to represent each tour and it should encapsulate a key feature of the tour.

All images should be high quality. Large images are best; large images can be resized, small images will be distorted if stretched.

Images should be a minimum of 1,280 px wide but 1,920 px would be ideal and is essential for any banner images.


Each page or section will need copy (text) to describe the business, its destinations, properties and tours.

Aim for at least 300 words per page. Websites with a small amount of copy won’t rank highly on the search engines.

Contact Details

You'll need your office address and contact phone number(s) for the contact page.

Your website will include a contact form and any enquires will be sent to a nominated email address. Please advise which email address enquiries should be sent to.

Social Media

Website addresses of your social media accounts that the website will link to.


All items should be provided in a digital format. Text should be via email, Word or similar.

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