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Disconnect Facebook From Twitter for More Impact

Which of these tweets captures your eye?

The tweet from Rhino River Lodge stands out and grabs your attention. A relevant hashtag has been added so that the tweet can be found.

Entumoto Safari Camp has linked their Facebook Page to their Twitter account so Facebook posts are automatically shared on Twitter. As a result their tweets look spammy and, annoyingly, you can’t see the photos without clicking on a link. Worse, one of the tweets is abruptly cut off as it exceeded the 140 character limit.

Sure, auto-sharing may save you some time, but it’s a dangerous short-cut that may cost you in the long run. You can’t just create a quick post then auto-post it to your other social sites and think your work is done. It’s not.

If you want to reach your clients and actually engage with them in a meaningful way your social media marketing needs have a consistent strategy with content tailored for each platform.

Twitter and Facebook are very different networks. The people you’re connected to on Twitter expect different things than those you’re connected to on Facebook. The format is different, the language is different as are the conventions.

There are several tools that can help you manage your Twitter account. The tool we use when handling social media marketing for our clients is TweetDeck. TweetDeck is customisable and lets you manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and track your activity, mentions, lists and much more.

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