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Find Out What Your Guests Really Want With TripAdvisor Surveys

You know what your guests want to experience on their safaris. Or do you?

The key to guest satisfaction is meeting or exceeding their expectations. Guests needs and wants are continually evolving and if you don’t have a complete understanding of your guests your safaris (and marketing) may be off target.

TripAdvisor Review Express and Private Surveys

TripAdvisor have just announced an addition to Review Express, available to Business Listing subscribers.

Review Express is a free tool provided by TripAdvisor where you can request guests to provide a review. As the number and recency of reviews are strong facts for your TripAdvisor ranking it is useful way to drive your safari lodge or camp to the top of the rankings.

The private surveys extension adds a customisable guest satisfaction survey. The Review Express + private surveys emails you send allow you to get public TripAdvisor reviews and private guest feedback at the same time.

The feedback from these surveys are private and viewable only by you from your Business Listing dashboard.

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