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More Reviews Equals Higher TripAdvisor Rating

A recent Cornell study, Online Customer Reviews of Hotels: As Participation Increases, Better Evaluation is Obtained, has underlined the relationship between review quantity and rating.

Key findings from the study are:

  1. Reviews for new listings tend to slant negative
  2. Reviews get more positive as the quantity increases
  3. More reviews means a more accurate rating
  4. Positive reviews are more common negative reviews

Reviews for New Listings Tend to Slant Negative

The researchers suggest that the negative reviews result from their expectations not being met. Often these expectations may have been unreasonable due to a lack of information on what to expect at the property.

Takeaway: Encourage more reviews to even out the ratings. Take the opportunity to review this early feedback and address these concerns to improve service. Update your website and other marketing material to ensure it provides suitable information.

Reviews Get More Positive as the Quantity Increases

As a property gets more listing the average rating steadily increases. Negative reviews drop sharply ( by half) and excellent review increase dramatically (by half).

Takeaway: Encourage more reviews to increase you TripAdvisor rating. Where appropriate, approach guests and ask them if they can review you on TripAdvisor. Try Review Express, a free TripAdvisor tool that sends recent guests a link to review the property.

More Reviews Means a More Accurate Rating

As more reviews are gained, not only do they tend to be more positive but they become a more accurate indication on how guests view the property.

Takeaway: We can’t say it enough, encourage more reviews. The recency of reviews has an impact on your TripAdvisor rating. What this means is the rating value of reviews degrade over time so it’s important to keep reviews rolling in.

Positive Reviews are More Common Negative Reviews

Research has shown that 70% of reviews have a rating of 4 0r 5, that is good or excellent, with only 15% of reviews having a rating of 1 or 2.

Takeaway: Share your TripAdvisor rating and reviews on your website and social media. Advertise your TripAdvisor listing on your website and other online marketing.

TripAdvisor Reputation Management

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