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Prevent Bogus Reviews With the TripAdvisor Blackmail Tool

TripAdvisor have launched a new tool to help tourism property owners deal with potential “blackmail”, that is, when a guest threatens to write a negative review unless a refund, upgrade or other demand is met. The new feature allows you to easily report these threats before the corresponding negative review is submitted. Prompt reporting of these blackmail threats can help to keep such bogus reviews from ever appearing on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor takes allegations of blackmail or threatening behaviour very seriously as it is against their guidelines and, indeed may be illegal in many jurisdictions.

Best Practices For Submitting Potential Blackmail Reports

  • Instruct employees to share any guest blackmail threats immediately.
  • Submit a potential blackmail review report as soon as possible, providing:
    • The month and year of the guest’s stay
    • An email address and/or a name
    • As many details as possible about the incident
  • Retain as much documentation relating to the report as you can, including emails, voicemails, etc.

If the Bogus Review Has Already Been Posted

The TripAdvisor blackmail tool only works if the review has not yet been posted. If the review has already been posted then you should do the following:

  • Post a management response following best practices
  • Dispute the review with TripAdvisor presenting the facts or documents that show the review is a result of blackmail.

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