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Writing Titles for Your Safari Tours

The headline or title is arguably the most important part of a website page or post. It is your first and often only chance to grab a guest’s or agent’s attention and start them down the path to making a booking.

A reader can choose to read your content or not. It’s totally up to them and you only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention. You might have a great safari that is exactly what they are looking for but they will never know if they don’t get their interest so they click though to your website.

As in all things, balance is important. In this day of clickbait (often deceptive headlines solely designed to catch the eye) it’s important to ensure the content backs up the title. You’re trying to build a relationship so trust is important. Managing a guest’s expectation is critical to ensuring a happy client and you want to start that from the very beginning.

Certain words are so overused in safari tour titles and descriptions that people no longer heed them at best and distrust them at worst. How many Magical Destination Safaris have you seen? Great safari perhaps, but magical? I don’t think so and I’ve already started to cross that operator off the list.

Headline Data Driven Analysis by Online Marketing Experts

Outbrain, the world’s largest content delivery platform and Hubspot, inbound marketing and sales software, have collaborated to analyse a wealth of data to see what makes content successful. They specifically looked at how headlines affect reader behaviour in driving traffic to websites, engaging visitors and finally converting visitors into clients.

Here we see how their content marketing headline analysis can apply to safari operators.

Increasing Visitors to Your Website

Headlines that Increased Visitors

The findings on what increased clickthrough rate aren’t too useful to safari operators. The words ‘photo’ and ‘who’ increased the clickthrough rate but would be difficult to use naturally.

It does reinforce the importance of quality photos for every page and post you create. People want to see what you’re talking about.

Headline That Decreased Visitors

  • "Magic" - 59%
  • "Amazing" - 24%
  • "Always" or "Best" - 14%

Avoid the Superlatives

Even though their use is widespread in headlines, superlative words like ‘amazing’ and ‘magic’ are not effective.

This may be because they are so overused or it could be because readers see it is typical sales writing that is not to be trusted.

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